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The eccentric George Allwynn not only pens GLBT romantic suspense, but at times, has been caught sneaking in some paranormal, humor and (gasp!) erotica.

If not on the computer, one can find this inspiring author in a small Michigan town, where there’s no cell tower and dial up is considered high tech.

Passions include: writing, reading, cats, tattoos, anything British, research, volunteering, green living and rebel rousing advocating.

Writing was a hobby, until late 2008. Feeling confident, George was ready to take the plunge into the wonderful, wild world of publishing…,

UNTIL November, 2009.  Known in certain circles, as the ‘black month of the editing/grammar workshop’.

George became aware of being a  Virtual Village Idiot!

This class was so overwhelming, George panicked.

Professional writing had rules?  Who knew? 

Unforgiving grammar snafus and satanic sentence structure brought the author down on proverbial knees. Did not one write because they loved to write? Needed to write? Lived to write?

Rules? Wasn’t writing sacred and individualistic? Was it not original, flushed with a choral of gifted voices, unique as the writer who wrote them?

And who was this evil inner editor, who suddenly became so anal retentive, so hell-bent on following the social etiquette of writing, that everything penned during the next 10 months sounded like a cookie-cutter clatter coupled  with a monochrome imagination?

With each page passed, George became more confused, more despondent. And slowly, painfully, like the Little Mermaid, an authors voice was lost.

It wasn’t until recently, some wise publisher, who was running an Internet writers convention, pulled the grieving writer aside, demanding to know why there were no submissions. She had read past prose and thought all possessed a very strong, unique voice.

After explaining the circumstances, the publisher assured that this too, shall pass.

Once an author grabs themselves by the balls, the writing magic would  balance out, enabling the writer to sense  what rules to keep, and what rules to bend. This technique would be powerful enough to showcase voice uniqueness AND satisfy editors with red ink pens.

George is still working towards that goal.  No longer a novice, but not yet professionally published. Soon, George Allwynn manuscripts will be cast out over the globe, decimating the desks unsuspecting, slightly neurotic editors on the verge of going totally daft if they read one more submission sporting Pratchett Purple Prose…

Keep up with George’s progress!

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