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David Sartof

David Sartof is the author of River of Judgement, a crime novel set in the City of London during the start of banking crisis of the late-noughties. He writes “suspense” fiction in the widest sense of the term. River of Judgement introduces Finn Jackson, an everyday business and family man whose life will continue to face dramatic change through the sequel David is currently working on.

David’s background is as eclectic as his writing. He has a PhD in management philosophy, has served in the Merchant Marine and as an Officer in the UK’s Royal Air Force. Latterly, he spent most of the first decade of the 21st century developing businesses as an entrepreneur. He has had an academic text on management published by a mainstream publisher and is now learning (the hard way) the business of books from editing, through cover and interior design & typesetting, to book trailer production.

Until the sale of his first major screenplay to a Hollywood movie company, David will continue to develop his writing alongside the more mundane task of earning enough to pay the mortgage on the North Yorkshire village home that he shares with his wife, young son, two rabbits and many spiders.

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