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Anastasia V. Pergakis lives in Columbus, Georgia, in a small apartment with her husband and young son. Anastasia started writing at a very young age with cute poems and funny stories. (You know, those little diddies about the apple tree in the front yard.) She did not start writing novels until the age of sixteen. At the time, romance and mystery were her favorite things and so she sat down to write an epic tale of love and crime. Oh, so she thought! Her first attempt has been shelved, collecting dust until the time is right to unveil the horror and fix the ugly work of “art”. Since then, novels have become almost an obsession. With almost sixteen novels in the works, she definitely has her hands full with an overactive muse.

Anastasia is currently working on a new venture in her writing career. Originally called “The Writer’s Academy” it is now moving from to its own website. It is getting a new name – “Inkwell University Writing Workshop” – and a new look. It’s all about novels! How to write, plan, edit, publish, and promote. A link will be coming soon when the project is fully operational! Hopefully, by October or November of 2010.

Along with novels, Anastasia also writes dark or funny poetry, the occasional twisted or humorous short story, scripts, articles, and three blogs.

She also currently attends college, working on her Associates in Business. While she wanted a degree in Creative Writing, she decided in the long run it might be more practical to have a business degree. That way, she can have the steady job until her writing can pay the bills!

As you can see, Anastasia has a great love for writing in all forms and shapes and sizes. Her other passions are reading, reviewing, web design, cover art design, and playing games with her son.

She has always been a computer nerd and can be found all over the place on the web it seems.

She can also be found as her alter ego, Harley D. Palmer here:

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