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We’re Moving!

November 29, 2010

It’s been a long time in the works – a month in fact. On December first we’re jumping ship from WordPress and heading over to Blogger. Hopefully, the transition will be smooth, but with me at the helm that’s questionable at best. The look will be slightly different, and maybe we’ll all add something to it once we settle in to make it more homey.

This month we’ve had a slew of free blog topics – much to most of the writer’s dismay! Who would have thunk that most of us enjoy writing on topic and on a schedule? We’ll be back on track this week in the new location, never fear.

So – what does the move mean to you?

Will there be a new address in the browser window?

I’m not sure. The plan was it would be the same, but I’m not the most technologically gifted and the finer points of “re-directing”, assigning a new domain,  and “re-naming” a blog allude me. We’ll give you the skinny on Dec 1st when the new site goes live.

Will all the team members be there?

Yes, that is also the goal. We’re still missing George from signing up, but he’s excused with all of his horrible dental nightmares lately. With any luck, he’ll have a had a chance to make the jump to Blogger by the time he’s scheduled to post, but if not, rest assured he has not told us he’s leaving, he’s just tied up with personal stuff and will be joining when he can.

Will there be anything different?

Yes! We’ve got another horror writer who is excited about joining the team and sharing a spot with Jimmy on Friday. Carole Gill thinks she’s on track to join in January (getting her edited MS to her publisher takes precedence!). We also hope to add another suspense/mystery writer to the team to go opposite David, so if you’re interested please contact me at

In addition, we’ll be mixing things up with promo and guest spots. The promo idea is one I’ve had for a while and one that has worked with success on another blog I’m a part of. We’re opening the doors to allow our writers to post full chapters, excerpts, shorts – anything they’d like to promote for a new or existing release. Some may be done in a serial fiction type of posting, with a new chapter each Saturday for a set period of time. Others may decide a short excerpt is all they’d like to do.

We also plan to open the doors up to other writers who’d like to promo their published work. The goal has always been to reach readers and by adding this content to the weekend we may very well introduce new readers to a story they might not otherwise have tried.

Thanks for being a part of this venture with us on WordPress. In January we’ll be hitting a year and compared to a lot of blogs out there, that’s pretty darn good.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Did you guys eat as much as I did? May the mashed potatoes and stuffing keep coming all month long and may my elastic waistband pants be able to take the added strain!

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  1. November 29, 2010 12:19 pm

    This is definitely exciting. Where can I sign up?

    Oh, right.

    Well, anyway, it looks like the final blog for WordPress will, ironically, be a promo and interview for Deborah LeBlanc.

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