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November 11, 2010


I love to read. I used to have time for that.

Some of you may know this, some may not, but one year ago at this time I had just found a publisher. Vamplit Publishing had my debut novel about vampires with a Christian twist, and I was simply waiting for the editor to send back my carved-up manuscript. At that time, I had one MySpace account which was gathering dust (for spying on my teenager, don’t you know), as well as one Facebook account. With that, however, all that I was doing was looking for old friends and playing Vampire Wars. Other than checking my e-mail multiple times per day for my edits which would ultimately not come in until Christmas Eve day, I had nothing to do in terms of writing.

     Oh, what a difference a year can make.

     Why am I telling you this, you ask? Some may be wondering why I am retelling it. Faithful readers of this hallowed page may have noticed that what was once fairly regimented has grown, shall we say: loose. There’s a reason for that and our hope here is it will be temporary. You see, many of us have gotten busy at quite the same time with regards to writing projects becoming published novels, and blogging evolving into PR campaigns and book tours.

     For me, 2010 transitioned from checking my e-mail every day, waiting for my novel to be published – to being published nearly every week. First came the blog. I didn’t design that. My publisher handed me the keys, but it was certainly up to me to fill it with stuff. I posted information about my novel, as well as film and music reviews and the occasional rant or editorial. A guest post on Wicked Writers transitioned over to a regular spot every other Friday. A review in a local magazine brought me to the attention of an editor who had just launched her own on-line magazine. I had never written articles before, nor did I have any kind of experience in Journalism; however, I have now been writing articles for her since the summer. I now have a second Facebook page (The Official James Garcia… You get the idea) as well as a Twitter Account.

     The point I’m attempting to make is, we spent a lot of time dreaming that these days might come; that we might be writing. Little did we realize, perhaps, just what form that might take; or how it might all come together. I think many of you have probably gone through the same things. Notice how I’ve mentioned nothing at all about us having houses to maintain, or children or grandchildren to parent. Or day jobs! Many of you are writing and running blogs; others are reading, reviewing and running blogs; and a whole bunch of us are trying like heck to do it all. Busy, huh?

There's a few DVDs there I still haven't seen yet.

 This brings me to the heart of the matter: please hang in there if we suddenly seem to have neglected to post on our day; or if we fail to update the poll or go a while without offering another contest. I think everyone here would agree that this site is very special to us, as well as all of the interaction with you fine people. Many of us are simply coping with transitioning at the moment. C.J.’s flying about the country on the Wicked Writer’s corporate jet, doing lectures and signings. NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) has claimed a few of us braver ones who are endeavoring to write a complete novel in one month (Anastasia and J.D.), Greg can’t hardly get any work done with Hollywood pleading with him to save some blockbuster project of their’s by taking the lead role. And for me, between writing posts and articles, I’m supposed to be overseeing the PR machine as it figures out new and improved ways to get the information out about my positively reviewed novel that few know about. I am also supposed to be polishing up its sequel and getting it ready for the moment that my trusty publisher asks for it.

     John Lennon is famous for a great many things, but in the Beatles’ song, “The Ballad of John and Yoko”, he sang, “Christ, you know it ain’t easy…”. It isn’t one of my favorite Beatle’s songs. In fact, I typically skip it. However, being motivated by music, it was the one lyric to leap into my head as I was crafting the paragraph. You may also notice one of these days that the blog appears a bit different. Potentially, we’re moving. I’m told it will be seamless and you will not have to be redirected or find one of those notices that we’ve moved. You will not have to pick up our mail or kick the pile of newspapers out of your way while walking to the front door. Nothing like that.

Jones is waiting for someone to come play with him!

     Just please hang in there (like my cat), because that’s all that we are attempting to do as well, amongst all of the stuff.

     As I like to say over on my blog…

     …We’ll talk soon.

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  1. Marissa Farrar permalink
    November 11, 2010 12:00 pm

    Yep, a year certainly does change a lot, doesn’t it! I was exactly like you a year ago (though I think Alone had literally just been published), and when I was informed I would need a blog/twitter/ account, I thought, ‘how the hell am I going to manage all that!’ Now, amazingly, it comes as second nature and hopefully all the hard work is starting to pay off.
    Just got to keep going!

    • November 11, 2010 8:46 pm

      Amen, Sister! “Just got to keep going”.
      Well, for me, the only thing that might happen is me taking a time out. Hopefully, it never comes to that. The problem is my oldest son is driving now and my other son is about to turn 13. I don’t want to “hustle” for five years and come to realize that they’re both gone, and I missed it. You know? Hopefully, some day the work will not necessarily be easier, so much as we reach a level where we no longer have to do everything, but focus only on our writing project of the month. We’ll see.
      Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend.

  2. November 11, 2010 4:47 pm

    Well said, James. Of course, I’m not really saving blockbusters by taking the lead role. I usually save them by having no role.

    Anyway, I’m glad you posted so that our faithful readers don’t feel lost. Even my solitary reader was becoming concerned.

    But, as I prepare three short stories for query and then try to cap it off with a horror novel from scratch for NaNoWriMo (not to mention covering college basketball), I will endeavor to still keep up with my blog.

    By the way, regarding the new site, does your link go to it? The one C.J. gave me takes my blogs to a recycling bin.

    Maybe I’ll ask her when she gets back from joyriding in our company jet.

    • November 11, 2010 8:58 pm

      Greg, I sent our fearless leader a note early in the week on Facebook, but her assistant’s assistant has yet to reply. I hope she’s not fired her staff again the way Murphy Brown used to go through secretaries. With regard to the new site, I have heard nothing. I thought it would be a very simple transition with nothing for us to do. I believe the great one said it best when he said, “Don’t know. Mongo only pawn in game of life.”
      Thanks for the note.

      • November 15, 2010 3:36 pm

        It’ll come together, my grasshoppers… not to worry.

        Give me a couple of days and everything will be done. I couldn’t transition us over until EVERYONE had a new account on Blogger… hence the lag time.

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