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Why Do We Blog?

July 12, 2010

We get a free pass to blog about whatever we’d like this week. And we’ve got two guest bloggers who do exactly that. The first one, Carole Gill, will be sharing a narrative on how a large portion of her book came to be, posts on Wednesday. And the second one, Matt Leo, writes about his take on a classic that was turned into a film, will post on Thursday.

Blogging is an interesting thing. At times, you hit on a topic, sometimes by pure chance, that appeals to people and you get some terrific comments and feedback. At other times, you get crickets. Which doesn’t mean people aren’t reading and enjoying the blog. It just means they have no desire to comment. Simple as that.

Some readers like to write long responses and share their thoughts, others like to give a kudos or thumbs-up type of rejoinder and that’s it. But not everyone has time. Some just have time to read and that’s it. Others may start to read, but the damn post goes on too long and they must scurry back to work, or it has lost their interest because the writer meandered in the article.

It’s a delicate balance. And at times, we get it right. Others, maybe not.

So why do we do it? What really is the point? Do we reach lots of readers or do we reach mainly writers? Is it to keep our senses sharp with writing something besides our books? Is it to reach out from our dark solitary lives as writers to communicate somehow with humanity? Do we do this because someone told us agents and publishers think it’s a good idea?

I can’t speak for everyone else. I started a blog mainly to reach readers. How often are readers browsing the Internet for an unknown writer? That’s where topic comes into play. Maybe if I post silly pet photos or restaurant food the blog will get lots of attention.

I can tell you this – this blogging gig is work. I hope that someday soon my book will sell and I’ll be published. I hope that having this blog, and others in play, will give readers a chance to connect with me as a person and my work will matter more to them for it. I have lots of hopes and dreams and I sincerely think having a blog and making a presence for myself in the blogosphere may help them to come true. But, only time will tell.

On that note, I have some exciting news. Three more writers have decided to throw their hats in with our Wicked Team, all in the pursuit of reaching readers as well. Next week will be an intro week for George Allwyn, who will be sharing a day with me, Anastasia V. Perkagis, who will be co-blogging with Greg on Tuesdays, and James Garcia Jr. will be premiering in the Frightening Fridays spot with hopefully another horror writer joining him in the near future.

I’m pleased and proud to be blogging with such talent. Some are published, some are pre-published (meaning their work will be out soon), others are unpublished but on the path to publication.

I raise my cyber glass in a toast with thanks in my heart:

May your hard work and perseverance pay off. May your writings reach many and touch them on a deeper level. May you soar to the heights you see in your dreams, while your naysayers choke on your dust.


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